4 Ways Buyers Are Already Ignoring Your Emails

4 Ways Buyers Are Already Ignoring Your Emails

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It all began with mail merge -- a seemingly harmless way to more efficiently send direct mail. But then the technique moved to email and has become a plague on all our inboxes, especially buyers’.

 Today, there seems to be a new automated email prospecting tool popping up every month. These software programs make it easy to steal or guess email addresses, then send a series of emails in just a matter of clicks.

Consider this: If you're sending loads of emails that prospects are ignoring, you’re literally biting the hand that feeds you.

Not ready to stop? You might not have an option at some point. Prospects are so pissed off, they're fighting back. And in this fight, I'd bet on them any day of the week. Email sales prospecting is an arms race you're not going to win. Just as you find more ways to send spam, buyers will find easier ways to ignore your emails.

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