Cold Calling Metric

Cold Calling Metric

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This content covers a helpful informations:
  • An average of 603.9 dials (calls placed) per week (120.8 per day)
  • An average of 57 new contacts added to the call list per week (11.4 per day)
  • At least 81.6% of active contacts* have direct lines in the contact record.
  • At least 95.4% of active contacts* have pre-call research in the contact record.

 *Active contacts refer to prospects whom the seller is currently pursuing at a given time. The fascinating thing is in less than 40 hours (far less if they are aided by technologies such as auto-dialers and sales intelligence resources).

 The SDR job is one of sprinting and taking a break. The ones who learn how to put their heads down and crank out intelligent activity end up becoming a rock star over the phones.


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